[Coming Soon] WiBa – 100% Wireless Power Bank & All-In-One Charging Dock


  • SAY GOODBYE TO CORDS: The Avido WiBa power bank (5000mAh) charges your Qi-enabled devices wirelessly and includes an all-in-one charging dock for a true cord cutting experience.
  • WAKE UP IN THE MORNING READY TO GO: Just place your power bank on the included charging dock and your power bank instantly begins to charge. Then, place your Qi-enabled wireless charging phone on top of the power bank. Everything charges simultaneously for a complete hassle free experience.
  • BETTER EXPERIENCE: Wireless charging is great, but WiBa makes it better! We include two slim metal plates (black & white) that easily attach to the back or case of your phone. With these optional plates, your phone will stay magnetically attached to the power bank and will not slide off. If using a case, we strongly recommend making sure it is slim and supports wireless charging passthrough.
  • CHARGING DOCK: The Avido WiBa charging dock charges the power bank without plugging in a cord. Simply place the power bank on top of the dock and it begins to charge. It also serves as a traditional wireless charging pad that can charge your Qi-enabled device 100% wirelessly. 
  • ✔ PLEASE NOTE: Sensors in phones such as the LG G6 & Droid 2 Turbo will lock the screen if they detect magnets. The Avido WiBa can still charge these devices, but the screen may be unusable when charging.

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